Japanese Brussels Sprouts
Flash fried Brussel Sprouts tossed in Shinano vinaigrette

Garlic Edamame
Edamame tossed in garlic butter

Collage of scallops and a medley of vegetables battered and flash fried

Skewered chicken and scallions with teriyaki glaze

Beef Kushiyaki
Rib eye select beef skewered with scallions and drizzled with teriyaki

Beef Tataki
Thinly sliced seared beef served with ponzu and spicy white radish

Bacon Rolled Scallops
Scallops wrapped in bacon and pan flamed

Soft Shell Crab
One flash fried whole soft shell crab served with ponzu and spicy white radish

Hitokuchi Katsu
Breaded pork medallions skewered with scallions

Fried Oyster
Oysters breaded in Panko and served with Tonkatsu sauce

Steamed Clams
Clams steamed in Sake and Mirin

Chicken Tatsuta Age
Marinated medallions of chicken, breaded in panko and flash fried

Agedashi Tofu
Tofu flash fried and served with cha soba (buckwheat) noodles, dressed with Shinano’s savory sauce

Boiled soft Japanese Tofu

Chawan Mushi
Steamed egg with fish cake, shrimp and shitake mushroom

Dobin Mushi
Individual steamed soup served in a small teapot

Hiya Yakko
Cold soft Japanese tofu, topped with scallions and spicy white radish

Tako Su
Octopus sashimi dressed in vinaigrette

Baked chopped scaloops, mushrooms, and zucchini topped with Masago

Baked Mussels (6 pcs)
Baked green mussels topped with Masago

Tako or Maguro Nuta
Choice of Tuna or Octopus Sashimi dressed in sweet miso