Traditional Japanese style individual course
Includes Miso Soup, Tsukemono, and Steamed Rice

Cha Soba Teishoku
Cold buckwheat noodles, Japanese nimono, seaweed salad, and Chawan Mushi

Makuno Uchi Bento
Grilled Salmon teriyaki, Chef’s choice of Sashimi, mixed tempure, Japanese nimono, and seaweed salad

Yakizakana Teishoku
Choice of grilled fish (Salmon, Saba or Sanma), Japanese nimono, seaweed salad

Mini Kaiseki
Six course Shinano’s Tasting Menu

Omakase (Chef’s Choice)
This is the way the Queen dines. Multi-course meal or special platters all determined by the house. Specialty items are available upon request and pre-order.