Jalapeno Hamachi
Yellowtail sushi or sashimi topped with a slice of serrano chili, sweet daikon, and drizzled with ponzu vinaigrette

White Truffle Halibut
Halibut sushi or sashimi paired with lime slices and white truffle oil

Baked Blue Crab Handroll
Wrapped in soypaper, blue crab is baked with our house aioli and paired with sushi rice

Tara Misoyaki
Delicate filet of buttery Chilean Sea Bass or Black Cod (depending on season) marinated for over 36 hours in Shinano’s miso base

Ika Maruyaki
Grilled squid topped with Bonito flakes and paired with a side of ponzu vinaigrette

Spicy Tuna Nachos
Crispy wonton chips topped with spicy tuna and avocado